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Get the J-Team!

With every popular TV show or movie you are almost guaranteed a Hollywood remake.  Take for example the A-Team movie…

The key to a good remake is to play on the emotional attachment that people had to that particular show.  It is great to watch the classics over and over again but a fresh twist on an idea can spark new interest and excitement. Not all remakes are successful; however, the success can be heavily dependent on the critics.

The Joseph Engineering and Applications team can be compared to this in our evolution.

The original design practices and machinery were great in their heyday but the remakes are fresh and even better!  This is the new adopted mantra of our department.

But we need ‘the critics’ (our customers) help to make this successful.  After all, this is a team effort.

We value the feedback and rely on the application data information from the customer to select the right machine design to do the job.  The more preparation and information that goes into a machine RFQ (JMC Application Data Sheet) from ‘your team’ the more successful the final product will be.  We have made strides to change techniques and make machines more cost effective for end users.  But we need you to do your part in telling us your exact needs.

You ask yourself …What’s in it for me? ...

Why do I have to supply all this information? ….. JMC is the expert- right?

The JMC Engineering teams’ response is … sit back with your popcorn….’cause if you provide the proper up front information it can be a smooth running machine that will have you asking …when can I get a sequel?

Tom Vajdic

Engineering /Applications MGR 

Hello, I’m Patrick Myers, service manager for JMC and here is yet another edition of the service department blog:


As business begins to pick up for a lot of us in the industry it becomes very important to work as efficiently as possible.  This is always important but when business really ramps up and you start feeling the demand every little thing you can do to save a few minutes is an even bigger deal.  Every day and activity that is planned correctly will help you get ahead of the game; or at least stay with it. 

One resource we provide to our customers is the Machine Maintenance Manual.  Years ago it used to come in a book form.  It had an operator manual, some general parts lists and some electrical / programming information. It has come a long way since then. The manual is the most efficient way to get most of the information you need on the spot. In many cases this eliminates the need for making phone calls for information on a procedure or makes a part call much easier to execute...