Hello, I’m Patrick Myers, service manager for JMC and here is yet another edition of the service department blog:


As business begins to pick up for a lot of us in the industry it becomes very important to work as efficiently as possible.  This is always important but when business really ramps up and you start feeling the demand every little thing you can do to save a few minutes is an even bigger deal.  Every day and activity that is planned correctly will help you get ahead of the game; or at least stay with it. 

One resource we provide to our customers is the Machine Maintenance Manual.  Years ago it used to come in a book form.  It had an operator manual, some general parts lists and some electrical / programming information. It has come a long way since then. The manual is the most efficient way to get most of the information you need on the spot. In many cases this eliminates the need for making phone calls for information on a procedure or makes a part call much easier to execute...


Our current version of the manual comes in CD form for ease of reproduction and showing our continuing effort to “go green”.  On our PC based machines two disks are provided.  One disk is the programming installation disk and the other is the maintenance manual. On our non PC based machines the maintenance manual will be the only disk. The programming installation disk is a complete back up of the program upon shipment of the machine to the customer.  The maintenance manual is everything you need to know about the machine in regards to operation, repair and parts procurement.

The maintenance manuals cover many areas and are usually about 450-600 pages depending on the complexity of the machine. Everything is book marked for ease of finding information.  The first section is the Operations Manual. This document alone is roughly 250 pages of information regarding the operation and maintenance of the machine. The following are the more major points covered in the Operations Manual but certainly not all of them.

  • Warranty Information
  • Installation Information
  • Complete HMI Explanation
  • General Machine Operation
  • Set Up and Calibration Procedures
  • Maintenance Schedules
  • I/O List
  • Register List
  • Register Values
  • CSV File Format Information

Following the operations portion of the manual is the Engineering Information.  The Engineering section has a complete list of parts and a recommended spare parts list. It also has assembly drawings and exploded views of each assembly.  The exploded views are marked with the part numbers so hard to identify parts are easily recognized.

The Electrical Information section is next. The Electrical section contains a complete list of electrical parts used in the machine.  Electrical schematics and an electrical panel layout print are included as well. Motor drive settings are also included.

Finally you will find a list of lubricants and fluids used in the machine along with the MSDS information for each one.

As you can see a lot of information important to your Production, Programming and Maintenance departments is contained in these manuals.  Please take advantage of this resource and let it save you a few minutes of your valuable time while making the operation and care of your machine more effective.