Hello, I’m Patrick Myers, service manager for JMC and here is yet another edition of the service department blog:

                                 ..................................Valentines' Day Thoughts.....................................

With all the pressures and deadlines we endure on a daily basis be sure you don’t forget Valentines Day. This is particularly important for men as we tend to “not give a lot of thought” to such things.  Forgetting this holiday could mean a host of unpleasant circumstances coming your way. Some of these circumstances are…. 

  • a change in sleeping arrangements (usually on the couch or with a family pet)
  • a significant reduction in caloric intake (if your wife or girlfriend happens to be the one that cooks)
  • a total loss of television viewing time previously set aside for sporting events
  • a sharp rise in activity involving domestic chores and home projects
  • a lowered feeling of self worth.
  • sadly in some cases even bruises and abrasions not easily explained to friends and coworkers

Let’s think ahead this year gentlemen. No excuses.  

On a serious note, all of us men and women on this Valentines’ day should focus on spending time with the ones you love. We often don’t take enough time to think about our loved ones. Our minds are cluttered with every day goals and the current crisis we have been asked to endure. We get so caught up in the distractions of this world that we forget to say “I love you” or “Thank you” to the ones we share our lives with. Whatever material item that you get that special person, I’m sure it will be well received.    Just remember... the greatest gift you can give will be your time and attention to them.

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY                                         Pat M. – Service Manager