Dillsburg, PA. (June 3rd, 2010)
– Joseph Machine Company (JMC), a national, leading OEM of automated saw and fabrication machines experiences mild earthquake during business hours:

At 8:25AM Thursday, June 3rd JMC's home base of Dillsburg PA, was hit by a light earthquake:

All of us felt it ...

Right away we all knew it was something out of the ordinary and not just a mild vibration of some machine. No one really knew for sure just what was going on in the first few seconds, but almost immediately thereafter the word "earthquake" began to be heard spreading across the shop floor. "It felt like a tank hit the building" said Jim Wicker, service technician at JMC.  The entire engineering staff spilled out of their cubicles from the second floor to view the shop floor area, perhaps in an effort to try and sort out what just happened.

Folks like engineer Brad Rick and CNC operator Randy Krysher thought that maybe a truck had run into the building or backed into it very hard. Still others like Brad Good thought perhaps a forklift hit a close-by wall. Charlie Wentz was operating a forklift at the time and did not feel the jolt..."I was wondering what everyone was flipping out about" said Charlie.

Within seconds everyone realized that this was much more than something slamming into the building. This was an earthquake. No one was hurt, and no damage was reported ...but for many of us this was the first earthquake we have ever experienced.
Felt at least 10 miles away, the earthquake registered 3.1. Nearby JMC neighbor and Dillsburg resident Ron Gingrich was quoted as saying "if that was a 3.1, I would hate to know what it was like to feel one any stronger".

US Government Geological Survey site website image: 

Summary of Responses by Zip
StateZIP NameZIP Code MMIResp.Distance (km)Latitude Longitude
PA Boiling Springs 17007 3 1 17 40.13°N    77.12°W
PA Camp Hill 17011 3 8 10 40.23°N 76.93°W
PA Dillsburg 17019 3 42 10 40.09°N 77.02°W
PA Lemoyne 17043 2 1 11 40.25°N 76.90°W
PA Mechanicsburg 17050 3 1 14 40.25°N 77.03°W
PA Mechanicsburg 17055 3 25 7 40.18°N 77.00°W
PA New Cumberland 17070 3 7 8 40.20°N 76.86°W
PA Harrisburg 17109 3 2 18 40.29°N 76.82°W
PA Harrisburg 17110 2 2 19 40.32°N 76.88°W
PA Harrisburg 17111 2 1 18 40.27°N 76.78°W
PA Dover 17315 2 3 14 40.02°N 76.87°W
PA East Berlin 17316 2 1 20 39.97°N 77.01°W
PA Etters 17319 2 3 10 40.16°N 76.80°W
PA Lewisberry 17339 3 9 3 40.13°N 76.88°W
PA Manchester 17345 3 1 18 40.07°N 76.73°W
PA Wellsville 17365 4 3 10 40.05°N 76.94°W
PA York Springs 17372 3 1 22 40.00°N 77.10°W
VA Alexandria 22301 1 1 147 38.82°N 77.06°W