We have been notified by our vendor that the Trio controller 206/206X, used in many of Joseph Machine Company machines, will be discontinued later this year. Inventory of this controller still remains; but JMC is taking a proactive approach in order to minimize the impact to you, our valued customer.

The discontinuing of the 206/206X will eventually require a conversion to the newer version Trio on affected machines. We recommend adding Trio controllers to your spare parts inventory. We encourage all customers to order replacement 206/206X Trio controllers over the next few weeks, to ensure availability as demand increases.

The conversion plan for replacing the current Trio with the new model (MC405) is complete. The plan involves the following:

  • Physically replace and re‐wire with the new TRIO controller

  • Re‐tune servo(s)

  • Update PLC and HMI programs


It is possible that some of the work required can be completed by plant maintenance personnel; but we recommend a JMC technician be onsite to complete the more technical aspects of the conversion.


Our goal during this time is to make this process as streamlined as possible. In order to manage this conversion properly, and to minimize the impact to the customer, we have assigned a team of resources. As stated above, this WILL require a JMC representative to be onsite. Through a combination of customer and JMC resources, it will be possible to perform the necessary work. In summary, we ask that customers do (2) things.


  1. Order replacement TRIO controllers in the short term

  2. Plan for a JMC technician to complete the conversion as time permits to minimize interruption of production

As always, we value our relationship and hope to work together to get through this conversion. As questions arise, please don’t hesitate to contact Glenn Lookabill This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Patrick Myers This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Sincerely,

The Joseph Machine Company service team

Joseph Machine Company, located in Dillsburg, PA, is seeking candidates to join their manufacturing team.  JMC is a growing OEM of highly automated equipment; our saws and fabrication products are used by the best manufacturers in the window and door industry.

Position’s available: 

  • Sales Engineer (SEE BELOW)
  • Design Engineer with experience in SolidEdge or 3D equivalent
  • Electrical Technician / Wiring technician
  • Experienced CNC / Manual mill operator
  • Machine Assemblers
  • Experienced Field Service Tech’s

General Requirements: 

  • Must be capable of working around roadblocks, committed to meeting schedules
  • Individual must be able to multitask and able to adapt to customer driven changes
  • A work history with mechanical components and electrical control systems
  • Excellent problem solving and trouble shooting skills
  • Some travel required (10-15%)
  • Individual must be a team player
  • An interest in electro- mechanical equipment
  • Able to meet our physical fitness requirements

Joseph Machine Company offers commensurate wages, excellent benefits, matching 401K, profit sharing, Christmas bonus and a clean, safe, progressive work environment in an easily accessible rural location in northern York County. Respond with resume outlining your appropriate experience and salary history / requirements.  Fax to (717) 432-0680 or email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sales Engineer

Joseph Machine Company, a premier OEM of custom equipment for the fenestration industry, has an immediate opening for a Sales Engineer for our east-coast territory. A minimum of three years, industry experience is required. Position will call on and manage new business, key accounts, generate leads, develop customer relationships and be responsible for achieving sales goals. A four year degree is preferred or technical sales experience commensurate with a degree. Thorough understanding of window manufacturing and, or an engineering background a plus.  Competitive salary & benefits, EOE. Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., fax (717) 432-0680

Dillsburg, PA. (June 3rd, 2010)
– Joseph Machine Company (JMC), a national, leading OEM of automated saw and fabrication machines experiences mild earthquake during business hours:

At 8:25AM Thursday, June 3rd JMC's home base of Dillsburg PA, was hit by a light earthquake:

All of us felt it ...

Right away we all knew it was something out of the ordinary and not just a mild vibration of some machine. No one really knew for sure just what was going on in the first few seconds, but almost immediately thereafter the word "earthquake" began to be heard spreading across the shop floor. "It felt like a tank hit the building" said Jim Wicker, service technician at JMC.  The entire engineering staff spilled out of their cubicles from the second floor to view the shop floor area, perhaps in an effort to try and sort out what just happened.

Folks like engineer Brad Rick and CNC operator Randy Krysher thought that maybe a truck had run into the building or backed into it very hard. Still others like Brad Good thought perhaps a forklift hit a close-by wall. Charlie Wentz was operating a forklift at the time and did not feel the jolt..."I was wondering what everyone was flipping out about" said Charlie.

Within seconds everyone realized that this was much more than something slamming into the building. This was an earthquake. No one was hurt, and no damage was reported ...but for many of us this was the first earthquake we have ever experienced.
Felt at least 10 miles away, the earthquake registered 3.1. Nearby JMC neighbor and Dillsburg resident Ron Gingrich was quoted as saying "if that was a 3.1, I would hate to know what it was like to feel one any stronger".

Dillsburg, PA.  (March 17, 2010) 

On Tuesday March 2, 2010 we received our first PC with Windows 7 installed.  With considerable trepidation, the packing tape was removed from the top of the shipping box and the computer was extracted from the protective shipping material.  After attaching the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and then plugging in the computer, the power button was pressed with crossed fingers.  The PC hummed to life and judgment day began.

There was a lot of anticipation for this day; because today was the day we would get the answer to our biggest question: will our current JMC FabRight software work on Windows 7, or will we have to rewrite the code in one of the newer .Net languages.  The latter being a very expensive and time consuming endeavor.  We were expecting the worse after hearing about all the issues people have had with Windows Vista.

With the computer up and running, the jump drive was inserted into the USB port and the JMC FabRight install program was launched.  After a few button clicks, the install program successfully completed its tasks.  The program was installed on a Windows 7 PC.  Now was the moment of truth.  Will the program actually run on Windows 7?

With our fingers still crossed, the “JMCSaw” desktop shortcut was clicked.  The Splash Screen with the Joseph Machine Company Logo appeared, and the progress bar started tracking the programs initialization progress.  The Splash Screen then vanished and the “JMC FabRight” Main Menu Screen appeared.   With a sigh of relief, we realized that there was hope that it might just work.

Then, the process of testing every function of the software began.  The functionality of all the screens inside the Tech Menu was tested first.  With a great deal of surprise, we discovered that everything worked as it was designed.  The HMI had successfully connected to the PLC.  The inputs and outputs of the PLC could be monitored and toggled, and the system settings had been successfully saved to and read from the PLC.

Now the testing began on the Cut File Editor Screen were the main operation of the machine occurs.   Here is where a few problems did occur.  The program seemed to have trouble creating a new CSV production file and displaying a Positions file.  This issue had us stumped for a little bit, but we soon discovered that the program works correctly when it is set to run as administrator.

Now, with our program working correctly, we decided to move on and test our third party software to ensure that all of those programs worked correctly on Windows 7.  After some thorough testing, we can confidently say that everything is working just fine.

So, with our spirits high, we are happy to say that we can give two thumbs up to the Windows 7 operating system, with regards to the functionality of our machine software here at JMC.  With this potential obstacle out of the way, we look forward to shipping our PC controlled machines, in the near future, with Windows 7. Thinking about our past experiences with newer Microsoft operating systems, it may be okay for us not to hate Microsoft for Windows 7.

     Charles Smith (Systems programmer @ JMC)

Dillsburg, Pa., (Jan 14, 2010) – Joseph Pigliacampo of Joseph Machine Company shares his famous ‘Beans Jambalaya’ recipe

Previously sworn to secrecy, the word is out.

Joe has finally let everyone in on the secret ingredients to his mouth watering ‘Beans Jambalaya’. This is a soup for which he has become famous. For the past dozen years or so, Joe has prepared the Christmas celebration luncheon for the JMC employees that has now become an annual tradition. Among the meatball subs, assorted chicken wings and other tasty treats, Joe’s Bean Jambalaya soup has rightfully taken its place in the spotlight.