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MR-1000 Meeting Rail Processor



The MR-1000 Meeting Rail Processor is an automated end mill fabricating machine with a servo-controlled infeed. Lineals are cut to length using a 90 degree saw and each end is profiled with a cutter stack. The material is fabricated based on the cut files that may be manually entered, loaded by USB jump drives, or downloaded via an available network connection.



  • Estimated Machine Cycle time: 15-20 seconds cut to cut
  • Cut length Tolerance: ±0.015
  • Fabrication Tolerance: ±0.010
  • Ergonomic working height, fine adjustments made via leveling feet
  • One 90 degree saw assembly equipped with a 3 HP motor and 16” carbide tipped saw blade
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame
  • Equipped with a 4hp (3400rpm) motor for cutter stack
  • Saw/motor carriage rides on precision ground rails and linear bearings
  • Saw/motor pneumatically activated by Air/Oil cylinders
  • Flow controlled saw and end mill stroke
  • 1/2” Filter/Regulator with OSHA compliant lockout/tagout
  • Coalescing air filter
  • Infeed
    • Servo controlled Infeed accommodates 16’ lineal
    • Left to Right or Right to Left feed orientation
    • Thru-Beam photo eyes for mill length detection
  • Electrical: 240V AC(20A – 3 Phase) or 480V AC(15A – 3 Phase)
  • Fusible disconnect with OSHA compliant lockout/tagout
  • Controls – combined PC + PLC control system
  • Networkable
  • Production data can be downloaded using JMC CSV file format

Optional Upgrades

  • Fixtures:
    • 2 or multi track custom fixtures
    • Custom tooling for fabrication
    • Machined anodized aluminum fixture
    • Alternative fixture material and coatings available
    • Vertical/Horizontal clamping
  • Infeed
    • Optional infeed lengths accommodate 20’ or 24’ lineals
    • Single set pre-loader to accommodate 16’, 20’, or 24’ lineals
    • Double set pre-loader to accommodate 16’, 20’, or 24’ lineals
    • Diffuse photo eyes for independent mill length detection
    • Quick change infeed gripper and UHMW guides
    • Linear encoder
  • Outfeed
    • 5’ table with stainless steel top
    • 10’ roller table
    • Power conveyor
    • Wiper table
  • Software Options
    • Lineal Optimization
    • Tail End utilization by stock parts or future batch parts
    • Label printing
  • Controls
    • Touchscreen monitor
    • Additional monitor
    • Upgraded safety packages
    • Variable frequency drive for cutter motor
  • Custom color powder coating
  • Removable chip tray with vacuum port
  • Pro-Lube lubrication system for cutting
  • Auto-Lube system for machine lubrication
  • Dust collection system