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RTM-1000 Geometric Saws



The RTM-1000 is an automated saw with dual adjustable angle saws which work in conjunction with a perpendicular support arm, both positioned via ballscrew. This design provides for efficient cutting of most geometric window designs, including round top windows and sills, gabled windows and octagon windows.


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  • Cut zone profile / angle dependent
  • Estimated cycle Time: 8-10 seconds
  • Cut length Tolerance: ±0.031
  • Fabrication (Angular) Tolerance: ±0.5°
  • Includes positioning outrigger support for arched profiles
  • Retractable safety guarding around saw heads
  • Machine capacity
    • Minimum width = 24” (end cuts at 90°)
    • Maximum width = 120” (end cuts at 90°)
    • Minimum height = 0”
    • Maximum height = 96”
  • Ergonomic working height (37”), fine adjustments made via leveling feet
  • Heavy duty machined, powder coated, tubular steel frame
  • Saws/outrigger move to desired position on precision ground rails and linear bearings
  • Manual width, height, and angle adjustment
    • Digital readout for width and height adjustment
    • Scale for angle adjustment
    • Equipped with angle locking lever
    • Equipped with width and height pneumatic brake
  • 1/2” Filter/Regulator with OSHA compliant lockout/tagout
  • Coalescing air filter
  • Saws - Two saw assemblies
    • Angle manually adjustable from -45 degrees to 90 degrees (0 degrees is horizontal axis)
    • Vertical stroke on precision ground rails and linear bearings
    • Equipped with 3hp motors (3450rpm)
    • Cuts with two 16” carbide tipped saw blades
    • Pneumatically activated by Air/Oil cylinders
    • Manually adjustable flow control on saw stroke cylinders
    • vacuum port at each saw
  • Electrical: 240V AC(45A – 3-Phase) or 480V AC(30A – 3-Phase)
  • Fusible disconnect with OSHA compliant lockout/tagout
  • Controls – PLC control system
  • Electrical two hand tie down for machine operation

Optional Upgrades

  • Fixtures:
    • Fixtures for straight and arched profiles
    • Customized per profiles
    • Machined anodized aluminum fixtures
    • Alternative fixture material and coatings available
    • Arch fixture
      • Outrigger fixture and clamp block
      • Fixture block at each saw
      • Horizontal arch clamps
    • Sill (straight) fixture
      • Flip-down back-ups
      • Removable horizontal sill clamps
    • Individually adjustable and selectable vertical clamping
  • Saws - Max. saw blade diameter is 18”
  • Sill (straight) material supports available
  • Controls
    • Touchscreen + PLC control system with servo controlled positioning for width and height
    • Digital readout for saw angle rotation
    • Servo control for saw angular positioning
    • Width and height positioning via scanning of barcode
    • Transformers available for different voltages
  • Custom color powder coating
  • Pro-Lube lubrication system for cutting
  • Auto-Lube system for machine lubrication
  • Chip trays
  • Guarding around the saw assemblies
  • Custom length/extendable outriggers