Rack & Module - Frame Cutting
ZHVN-4545  PROCUT automatic miter saw
ZDM-4590  PROCUT automatic miter saw
HM-4545  PROCUT automatic miter saw
SC-90  PROCUT automatic straight saw
GAMMA DIGIT automatic VA double miter saw
DELTA DIGIT automatic double miter saw
XERON automatic cut-off saw

Rack & Module - Frame Fabrication
JUNIOR CNC fab processor
PHOENIX CNC fab processor
ORION CNC fab processor
TIGER CNC fab processor 

Module Frame Assembly
CS-468 Four Head clamping station
HERMES precision corner crimper
SCRIBA precision corner crimper

Manufacturing Software
Lineal Optimization
PM software for tooling
Tail End utilization by stock parts or future batch parts
Label printing

Rack & Module - Frame Automatic Processing
UCFM Universal processor
SCF-430 Flexible high output processor
SFMC Step fab processor

With more than 50 different styles of high-quality, high-performance automated saws and fabrication equipment, we are confident that we have the right manufacturing solution for your next aluminum, photovoltaic or thermal collector frames and mounting systems projects. From a single equipment application to facilitating a full production line, JMC has the engineering, manufacturing and service resources to meet your production requirements.

    For the solar industry, JMC made a custom fabrication center that makes mounting brackets for solar panels that produces over 30,000 parts in an 8-hour shift!